Reuse and recycle of electronic waste

Ever thought about what happened to the electronic equipment which you throw out? Luckily, around 96 % of all small electronic equipment end up being reused, recycled, or recovered in Denmark.

Importers and manufacturers of electrical products are responsible for reusing, recycling, or disposing of electronic waste in an environmentally responsible manner. Together with producer responsibility organizations HJHansen Recycling Group help to ensure that as many electrical products as possible are reused or recycled. For the benefit of the climate and the environment.

Too much is thrown out

Today too much electronic equipment is being decommissioned still functioning or in need of smaller repairs. Our aim, together with one of these producer responsability organizations Elretur, is to increase the amount of reused electronic waste from approx. 1 % today to 10 %.

Through our partnership with Elretur we want to contribute to increased and improved reuse and recycling. When we collect electronic equipment, some of the functional devices or components are being sorted for further reuse. There is no risk of personal data leak since the equipment is treated by professional operators.

Curbs the green transition

The demand for used electronics and white goods is far less than the potential, which curbs the green transition. We therefore urge all consumers to a) buy your electronics and white goods pre-used and b) bring your discarded electronic equipment for recycling at the municipalities’ recycling depots.

The non-reusable electronic waste is sent through a facility where dangerous fractions such as freon, batteries, and mercury-containing light bulbs are being removed. The remaining components are being shredded to smaller pieces making it easier to sort out the different material types: iron, metals, plastic, etc.
Did you know that a cell phone contains up to 60 different chemical elements? By ensuring this process, 87% of all small electronics end up being recycled to new products.

With WEEE-Europe and the BAT directive we ensure a safe and secure handling of electronic waste and batteries.

Our staff in Middelfart handeling electronic waste

We must reuse more

Together with Elretur we are establishing one of two First Treatment Centers to ensure more reuse of the decommissioned electronics than today. Today approx. 1% of electronic waste is reused either in Denmark or internationally. Our aim is to increase this amount to 10 % because too much electronic equipment is being thrown out while still functioning or in need of smaller repairs. 10 % corresponds to approx. 60,000 products a year being reused. The reuse of decommissioned electronic equipment can result in great CO2-savings, primarily because it will save valuable and highly energy demanding resources. The potential for the reuse of electronic equipment is equivalent to the CO2 emission of approx. 20,000 individuals in Denmark.

The purpose of the two new First Treatment Centers is to ensure large-scale operations in terms of identification and sorting, enabling a greater volume of the discarded electronic equipment to leave the waste stream and return to the market after repair.
The plants’ special process technology and volume aim at setting new standards in Europe and place Denmark at the forefront of European recycling of electronics and electrical products.