Ferrous scrap for smelters

High quality ferrous scrap

Shredded material – ISRI 211 + 212

We set very high standard for our materials, and our qualities meets the requirements of steel plants in all markets in the world. We sell steel scrap on a regular basis to Scandinavia, Europe, Turkey, Middeleast and Asia.

We ship our steel scrap in bulk, in containers and by truck. Our maximum draft for bulk shipment is 35.000 MT.


Bushlings – loose or shredded

No. 1 busheling. Clean steel scrap, maximum size 2 feet by 5 feet, including new factory busheling (for example, sheet clippings, stampings, etc.). May not include old auto body and fender stock. Free of metal coated, limed, vitreous enameled, and electrical sheet containing over 0.5 percent silicon.

We ship our bushlings bulk in mixed deep sea cargos or in containers. We ship our bushelings world wide – for example Turkey, Thailand, Pakistan, Vietnam and India.


Bonus steel – ISRI 231/232

New cut structural steel and plate scrap, 1,5 meter or under. Clean steel plates, structural shapes, crop ends, shearings, or broken steel tires. Not less then 6 mm thickness, not over 1,5 in length and 0,5 meter width.

We ship our bonus steel in deep sea cargos mixed with shredded and bushelings.


Tire wire – ISRI 279

Processed tire wire (ferrous) Grade 2.
Chopped. Less than five percent (<5%) rubber/fiber. We ship our tire wire world wide in containers.  

Deep sea concept

From our location at Lindoe Port of Odense we ship ferrous scrap world wide – 20,000-35,000 MT at a time.
See our loading operation in the movie below. Deep sea loading operation


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