Wind Decom


Our goal is to ensure the most optimal recycling of the resources that we receive at HJHansen Wind Decom. We have the solutions for recycling, where nothing from the wind turbine goes to landfill. That is why we have a group of experts in iron, metals, electronics and wind turbine blades who advise both internally and externally so that we achieve the best possible result every time. You can read more about the options for the wind turbine’s components in the menu on the right.

Sales Channels

  • Processing of wings, nacelle, tower and foundation is handled internally by HJHansen Recycling Group
  • We have a large network of partners in the recycling of iron, metals and wind turbine blades
  • We strive for full transparency throughout the entire value chain

ABS (Approved Buyer System)

At HJHansen Recycling Group, we constantly strive to meet our responsibilities and comply with the increasing demands from our business partners on transparency in our supply chain and customer portfolio.

The requirements for transparency revolve around how we and our business partners act in regards to:
• Management
• Environment
• Work environment
• Human rights
• Resource recycling

In our approach to the task, we have chosen to build a database named Approved Buyer System through which we wish to set a standard and push both our business partners and legislation towards greater transparency.