Scrap by sea

Scrap is usually large and heavy. Therefore, the vast majority of HJHansen Recycling Group’s branch offices are located by the water, making shipping possible when transporting ferrous scrap.

When transporting scrap from our mooring space in Aalborg to our processing site in Odense, this is done by ship and not truck, as it has a lower fuel emission and thus less negative impact on the environment. In 2021 we collected approx. 49,000 ton of scrap at the wharf in Aalborg, all transported by the vessel Ann Rousing to Odense. Calculations show that if we were to transport these goods by truck rather than ship, the CO2 equivalent fuel emission would be 45% greater between Aalborg and Odense.

Furthermore, by transporting our scrap by sea rather than by truck, we spare the environment and the Danish road network for 2,446 truck trips between Odense and Aalborg.

Carrying up to 50,000 ton

We not only transport our scrap by sea in national waters. When exporting ferrous scrap to the foundries around the globe, we use big Deep-Sea vessels which can contain up to 50,000 ton of scrap. The vessels are loaded with up to 35,000 tons of ferrous scrap at Lindoe Port of Odense and from 2021 topped up at Fredericia to carry up to 50,000 tons.

Watch here when we load 44,000 ton of scrap at our mooring space at Port of Lindoe and Fredericia. The video is in Danish.