Sorting of metals

At HJHansen Recycling Group we wish to create the purest fractions. When we receive components consisting of different types of materials, we need to fragmentize these to separate the different resource types.
We use one shredder to treat cooling appliances; refrigerators and freezers – for more here
and another to all other objects; ovens, cars, garden furniture, washing machines etc., – for more here.
After being shredded we use a magnet to take out all ferrous materials, resulting in 99% purity. The remaining materials travel through our refinery where metal sensors, nozzles, and cameras sort out the metals, cables, fragments for recovery, and so forth, ensuring that a minimum of 80 % is recycled.

The plant is constantly being updated to ensure the highest possible qualities. Besides innovation on our part, we further encourage that the products of tomorrow are constructed with greater attention to firstly reuse and secondly recyclability. Today the majority of products consist of many different materials, which make recycling challenging. If we are to make a positive impact on the world, we need to use less virgin materials and ensure that the raw materials in use can be reused or recycled as much as possible.

Watch here the process which scrap from the municipalities go through at our plant in Odense. The video is in Danish