The refrigerator’s afterlife

At our scrap plant in Odense, we receive 1,200 cooling appliances every day – both freezer and refrigerator – which accounts for at least 85 % of all cooling appliances in Denmark. Each item is manually handled when dismantling the compressor, drawing of oil and gas from the compressors, and sorting out those containing CFC-gasses and pentane gasses. Through this process every unit is treated with care for global warming, potential refrigerants, and given regulations.

The remaining appliance is being sent through a specially designed shredder, ensuring a fragmentized selection, which then can be sorted to different materials for further recycling. A minimum of 80 % is recycled, including iron, metals, cords, electronics, compressors, plastic, etc. Just about 8,000,000 kg iron is recycled each year from cooling appliances.