Non ferrous scrap

Wide variety of quality alloys

HJHansen has great expertise in iron and metals. Knowing the composition of the individual metal HJHansen can offer the melting plant raw material of the exact quality requested. Thereby, we optimize the recycling of metals.

HJHansen work with five main metal groups and have product managers specializing in each their products – see below or find more product information under each product category:

  • Copper and copper alloys
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Zink, lead, cables etc.
  • Mixed metals from shredder

Copper, brass,
bronze, tin

For more information:

Product Manager
Christian Bonnicksen

Mobile +45 40 14 69 66

Cable and electric motors
For more information:

Product Manager
Nanna Rosenbæk

Mobile +45 20 58 03 65

zink, zorba

For more information:

Product Manager
Thomas Reeholm Due

Mobile +45 61 22 41 29

Stainless steel, high/
low nickel alloy, lead

For more information:

Product Manager
Henrik Vestergaard

Mobile +45 29 77 91 63

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With our extensive know-how, HJHansen can advise you and your company on the best solutions. Contact us and we will give you a tailored offer through a close dialogue.


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