Recycling is a must. Energy savings on reprocessing of copper, compared to extraction of new copper from mines is 90%. This alone provides a huge benefit to our environment.

HJHansen purchases all types of cables

Cables with conductors of copper or aluminum and with plastic insulation, iron or lead reinforced cables, ground iron reinforced cables with cobber or aluminum conductors. All type of sea cables. We have special build equipment, that can pull and cut cables directly from the turntable on the ship.

The cables will be processed into new raw materials, which are used to make new products. This gives great potential savings economic and environmental compared to extracting new raw materials from mines.


We are specialists in cable reprocessing

It is important for us to take care of our environment and that is why we reprocess our cables under environmentally correct conditions. We do this, among other things, by ensuring that cables with hazardous substances, such as tar, oil and lead, are treated in an environmentally sound manner. All cables with environmentally hazardous substances are stored and treated under roof, so that no dangerous substances are washed out to the ground and subsoil water

Cables that has been cooled by oil, and therefor contains oil, are stored and cut in tight containers to ensure that no spills occur.

Environmental considerations play a significant role for us and as we are ISO 14001 approved, we mark ourselves as a serious, responsible and environmentally conscious partner.


ACSR Cables

ACSR Cables with different content of aluminum and steel. Often slightly greased.


Aluminum Cables & Aluminum/Copper Cables

Cables insulated with different types of plastic.


Copper Cables

Copper Cables with high content of copper, but also cables with lower content of copper. The cables are insulated with different types of plastic or rubber.


Ground Cables containing Aluminum

Ground cables containing aluminum iron, and clean lead or lead with tar


Ground Cables containing Copper

Ground cables containing copper, iron, and clean lead or lead with tar


Sea Cables containing Aluminum


Sea Cables containing Copper

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