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At HJHansen Recycling Group, we work to create a world where recyclable materials are treated as resources that must neither be wasted nor lost. We focus on more sustainable use of natural resources and creating a balance between humans, the environment, and business.


We give resources new life

HJHansen Recycling Group is one of Northern Europe’s leading companies for the recycling of iron and metal scrap. We extract raw materials from residual materials and give them new life. This enables us to use fewer virgin resources, prevent pollution and minimize both waste and energy consumption.

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HJHansen Recycling

– Every bit counts

Recyclable materials should be treated as resources that must not be wasted or lost. At HJHansen Recycling, our core business is to treat, extract, refine, and collect ferrous and non-ferrous materials and strive for more sustainable utilization of nature’s resources. By recycling, we make it possible to use fewer virgin resources, prevent pollution and minimize waste and energy consumption. That is why we constantly develop innovative and technological solutions to recycle even more and better.

Tre kraner løfter skrot, omringet af skrot v/ HJHansen Recycling
HJHansen Wind Decom

– All-in-one-solution for decommissioning of wind turbines

HJHansen Wind Decom is a one-stop solution for decommissioned wind turbines. We provide all functions needed from standing wind turbine to bare ground. We aim to establish a viable and sustainable treatment and recycling of decommissioned wind turbines within a circular economy. Our business structure enables us to provide experts at every step, from demolition to selling each scrap fraction for recycling – including the complex wind turbine blades.

Væltning af vindmølle ved testcenter Østerild
HJHansen Demolition

– Secure and experienced demolition

Our specialized demolition crew has many years of experience in demolition of significant and complex constructions. For instance: wind turbines, cranes, farming properties, production sites, etc. Each task is solved in accordance with given environmental and safety regulations. Every situation is unique, and our team works for the best possible result every time.

Mand iført gult arbejdstøj der svejser
HJHansen Råstoffer • Raw Materials

– High quality, better recycling

At our department for raw materials, our focus is on recycling bricks, concrete, asphalt, and other materials from demolishing buildings and industries to substitute virgin materials in producing, for example, new cement. Much of what we receive contains iron, which we extract for recycling.

Gul CAT gummiged skovler røde tegl op i skovlen
HJHansen Bildemontering • Car Dismantling

– Environmentally correct dismantling of cars

When a car has driven its last kilometers, we need to ensure that the vehicle is treated with great respect for nature and not parked along the roadside, in the forest, or dumped in the ocean. At Bildemontering Danmark, we guarantee an environmentally correct dismantling in accordance with the national scrappage program. Every year Bildemontering Danmark collects more than 3,500 end-of-life vehicles that pass through our system, where we sort, treat, and dismantle each one and finally send the treated vehicles through our shredder to recycle the many remaining resources.

Aftapning bildemontering
Skrotspecialisten • The Scrap Specialist

– The local expert in recycling

At Skrotspecialisten, we specialize in locally handling ferrous and non-ferrous scrap from private people and smaller businesses. Through the strategic locations of our Skrotspecialisten, we ensure great coverage of Denmark.

Gul kran der løfter messing v/ HJHansen Recycling

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