What is copper?

Copper is a relatively soft, orange-red metal. Copper has excellent conductivity for both electricity and heat.

Copper can be melted down and recycled. Approximately one-third of the world’s copper consumption comes from scrap. Producing copper from copper scrap saves energy at a level around 80-90% compared to extraction from mining.

A distinction is made between electrolytic copper with a purity of 99.99% and other copper alloys.

It is important for the recycling process to differentiate between new clean material and used material with rust/paint/lacquer and other impurities. All materials can be recycled, just in different processes, so they need to be kept separate and priced differently.

As examples of copper scrap, we have pipes, wires (free from plastic), overhead lines, roofing materials, etc. Remaining materials from industrial production such as sheet and pipe remnants, shavings, etc. There are also a wide range of products from current-carrying items, such as busbars and transformer copper. Recycling of new copper scrap at HJHansen Recycling Industry. Depending on purity, copper granules can also be processed into new material.

Who handles copper?

At HJHansen Recycling, we have our product manager Christian following every fraction of copper alloys coming into our sites, ensuring that each quality is handled and sent to a copper refinery enabling the best possible recycling.


Nærbillede af aluminium/bronze.


Nærbillede af behandlede kobber

Candy – Cu Kertze

Kabler og ledninger til genanvendelse.

Cu Refinery – Birch / Cliff

Billede af Electrolyte-bars-colored, der kan henvise til farvede metalgenstande eller blokke, der er opnået som resultat af elektrolytiske processer og behandlinger.

Electrolyte Bars Colored

bunke af electrolyte-bars-shiney, der henviser til metaller eller metalgenstande, der er blevet raffineret eller adskilt ved hjælp af elektrolytiske processer og er nu i form af skinnende metalblokke eller stænger.

Electrolyte Bars Shiny

Meatballs skrot - en uønsket blanding af forskellige materialer, der er svære at adskille og genanvende. Meatballs henviser til en uorganiseret og kaotisk blanding af genbrugsmaterialer, der kan indeholde forskellige metaller, plastik, gummi og andre komponenter.


Milberry - en betegnelse inden for genbrugs- og metalsektoren, der primært refererer til kobber. Det bruges til at beskrive en specifik kvalitet af ren kobber, der er blevet genanvendt eller genudvundet. Milberry kobber er normalt af høj kvalitet og har gennemgået en proces, hvor det er blevet renset og adskilt fra andre materialer.


Blå køreledninger til genanvendelse.

Overhead Wire

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