​The social contract

HJHansen Recycling Group’s policy on social responsibility (CSR) aims at:

  • integrating the company’s culture and business foundation
  • ensuring that activities in all parts of the company’s value chain are designed in a way that minimizes negative impacts and maximizes positive value for people, the environment and the economy
  • contributing to the conservation of future resources through the recycling of materials – including especially iron and metal.

We work actively with the working environment and the environment and are certified in the environment according to the internationally recognized standards – ISO 14001.

Our policy on social responsibility is an umbrella policy for a number of relevant sub-policies and action areas, which we have divided into:

The policy on social responsibility applies to the entire HJHansen Recycling Group and forms the overall framework for the work with CSR. It is addressed both to the employees of HJHansen Recycling Group and to the company’s stakeholders, who through this can find out about the purpose and strategy for CSR.

The board of directors of HJHansen Recycling Group is supremely responsible for the work with social responsibility. The management’s task is to:

  • develop and maintain the policy and strategy within all aspects of social responsibility in collaboration with the rest of the business
  • take the initiative for new activities related to social responsibility
  • prepare an annual report on social responsibility in accordance with the Annual Accounts Act.

A CSR report is prepared each year and is available on this website: CSR Report 2020-2021 (Danish)

The Board of Directors Odense, 13 December 2021


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