Lead 99%

Fraction consisting of a minimum of 99 % clean scrap lead, free of other materials such as battery plates, lead-covered cables, collapsible tubes, dirty chemical lead, other types of metals, and radioactive materials.


Lead <99%

Fraction consisting of up to 99 % clean scrap lead. The specific percentage of lead will be measured for each load.


Lead batteries & Truck batteries

Fraction consisting of dry lead batteries. Containing SLI (starting, lighting & ignition), automotive, truck, 8-D and commercial golf carts, and marine-type batteries.Fraction do not contain non-lead i.e., nickel-cadmium, nickel-iron, carbonaire, lithium, etc.


Lead from Shooting Ranges

Fraction consisting of a mix of jacketed and cast lead bullets from shooting ranges. Typically mixed with pieces of wood, rubber, or plastic.


Lead with Tar/Grease

Fraction consisting of lead from covered cables. Free of metalcore and rubber but may consist of paper, tar, and/or grease.

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