Our strategy

Our Vision

We aim to reduce society’s resource consumption, increase the reuse of society’s resources, and recycle as many of society’s resources as possible.

Our Mission

Every day, we work to create a world where recyclable materials are treated as valuable resources that must not be lost. We strive for a more responsible use of nature’s resources and to create a balance between people, the environment, and business. We extract raw materials from residual materials and give them new life. By doing so, we make it possible to use fewer virgin resources, prevent pollution, and minimize both waste and energy consumption. We give resources new life.

Our strategic framework

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Our strategic goals

We want to secure our current business model. We aim to set the industry standard for resource responsibility. We strive to lead in the application of technology for sorting. We aim to offer our employees an attractive and meaningful workplace.

Our core values

Business acumen

Knowledge of materials





The business model

We are taking the initiatives necessary to future-proof the current business model.


We are extremely ambitious when it comes to responsibility, quality, and safety. We aim for full transparency and documentation throughout every step of our value chain.


We continuously develop innovative and technological solutions to recycle more efficiently and effectively. By enhancing and improving recycling, we create greater value and more opportunities for everyone in the future.

The workplace

We understand that employees are the company’s most valuable resource, and it is crucial for the future development of the company that we can retain current employees as well as recruit new ones.

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Our values








We stand together.